5 November 2018

Dry-run campaign – First evaluations on the experimental field of the challenge

Challenge participants had an appointment with the organizers in October 2018

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24 September 2018

Weeds challenged by innovation

An article about the ROSE challenge on the Alim’Agri website

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28 June 2018

The ROSE Challenge at the Carrefour de l’Innovation Agronomique conference on “The digital revolution farming”

The ANR presented the ROSE challenge on June 26th

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11 June 2018

Launch of the dry-run evaluation campaign: first field meeting of 5 June 2018

The teams had an appointment on the experimental site of Montoldre

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1 March 2018

Paris International Agricultural Show

Targeted interviews on the occasion of the round table on the theme of “The agro-ecological transition and pesticide reduction : a shared adventure !”

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